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Why Sugaring?


Sugaring is safe + Natural

If you are an esthetician, you know that reputation is EVERYTHING. Sugaring will set your mind at ease when you know that it’s the safest form of hair removal for your clients (say ‘buh-bye’ to bad reviews!) Sugar is:

  • Only heated to the body’s temperature (so there is NO chance of burning or lifting the skin)

  • All natural (Lemon, Sugar and Water baby!)

  • Is easy to remove because it is comprised of water and not resin, it is easy to clean off clients, sheets and stuff!

  • Causes WAY fewer ingrown hairs than waxing (because we remove IN THE DIRECTION of hair-growth, not against it)


Sugaring is in demand

Tired of competing with ALL the waxers in your city? Set yourself apart by learning the hottest new (yet OLD) hair removal technique on the block. It’s much easier to build up a sugaring business because”

  • Once clients get sugared, they rarely go back to waxing…

  • Regular sugaring leads to less re-growth (say ‘hello’ to REGULAR and consistent income).

  • Sugaring is ancient, but it’s only juuuust gaining traction. Be one of the FIRST in your area to master this popular form of hair removal…


Sugaring is better for the environment

Estheticians are always pleasantly surprised to find that they use fewer resources with sugaring and that it is biodegradable (breaks down with water). Here are a few things that make us feel warm and fuzzy:

  • Sugaring does not use strips and only rarely uses sticks!

  • Sugar paste is biodegradable and breaks down with water.

  • Sugarers can use the same ball of sugar paste can be used on multiple areas for the same client (less waste and more $$ in your wallet!)


Words from past trainee’s

“Training with Anna was amazing & worth every penny! Anna was so easy going which made me so relaxed & comfortable. Unlike other classes I’ve taken, I was able to get so much practice in & felt confident by the end of the day!”

Alona Zagumennaya

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Class Options


At Portland Sugar Training, we believe that ANYONE can learn to master this ancient form of hair removal. We also believe that training should be FUN! So wether you are signing up for a group training or diving into a private VIP training, we are confident that you’ll love your experience and leave with the skills and knowledge to be a top sugarer.

1 on 1 trainings.png

1 on 1 VIP Trainings

Do you prefer learning one on one and you have a tight schedule? This one day private training is designed exactly for YOU!

(great for small business owners or those who are ready to launch a sugaring business ASAP)

small group trainings copy.png

Small Group Trainings

1-2 times per year we offer a small group training capped at 9 estheticians.

This is great for current esthetics students, recent grads, or those on a budget.

custom advanced trainings.png

Custom Advanced Trainings

Have you already been trained in sugaring, but you are ready for a technique refresher?

These sessions are 2 hours long and can be purchased to work on specific techniques or areas of struggle.


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