Portland Sugar Training
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Anna Long-Stokes

Hi! My name is Anna Long-Stokes and I’m the lead trainer and founder of Portland Sugar Training. When I graduated beauty school back in 2009, I had no idea what sugaring was, but I knew one thing- I HATED waxing. So I simply didn’t “do” hair removal.

A few years later I met Stephanie King (international sugaring trainer) through a networking event and she mentored me in sugaring and training others to sugar.

I FELL IN LOVE with this ancient + effective hair removal technique and went on to create The Portland Girl (Portland Oregon’s premier skincare and sugaring studio).

I’ve had the pleasure of training oodles of women (and 1 man too!) and I love watching beginners move through the challenges and achievements that make sugaring so dang addictive!

Training Superpower: intuitive and goofy! She has a knack for helping individuals make minor tweaks to their technique that result in them improving leaps and bounds in a short period of time.


Jessica Kettlewell

Jessica is a company cross trainer at The Portland Girl. She has been helping our team perfect the perfect facial and find their sweet spot sugaring technique. She moved to Portland back in 2013 and found her beauty home at The Portland Girl in 2018.

Training Superpower: Jessica brings fun into the treatment room and has a keen eye for detail. She will help you perfect your “flick” without making you a nervous wreck in the process!